Antique Bathroom Vanities
Antique Bathroom Vanities Modern Bathroom Vanities in Beauty, Luxury, and Elegance! The bathroom vanities of the past are generally modern, yet faithfully replicated versions of the old style vanities. It's time to give it to the cabinet makers of in the past as the designs they created are considered to be furniture pieces with great elegance. I find it wonderful that you can buy these same styles now and they're not old. There's a huge market taking place in antique cabinets, which are being made into bathroom vanities but look at these items and you'll notice it's less expensive and more affordable to purchase one ready-made! My first choice will be an Antique Bathroom vanity in Antique Cherry. It's got some beautiful decorative carving on both the sides and front, and it is also curved in a pleasing shape that makes it look different from standard cabinets. The front cabinet comes with a Bathroom Vanities door that is hinged with brass, and the interior has ample storage space. The oval-shaped vanity top is marble and the basin is constructed of sleek white porcelain. The dark cherry color of this vintage bathroom sink is so gorgeous and would look stunning paired with a pair of peach bathroom curtains. The vanity cabinet is made with a mix of wood MDF along with an ebony birch cabinet frame. You can buy a matching mirror for your bathroom wall and wall cabinet. The top of the vanity is off-white marble . You could also purchase this model with a top made of Antique Oak with a black granite countertop for your bathroom vanity. Sizes for this gorgeous piece of furniture are 25"W 22 1/2 "D x 33"H which you could purchase it Antique Bathroom Vanity in Antique Cherry online at the Builder Depot for $630. My second choice is completely different, and is a strict Victorian English style. There's the Single Sink Victorian Antique BathroomVanity by LUXExclusive. It's a very Bathroom Vanity square and utilitarian looking vanity unit featuring a black color that looks smart and dramatic. The basin is made of ivory ceramic and the top of the bathroom vanity is Travertine marble. The front of this vintage bathroom vanity has two large rectangular doors that are adorned with metal knobs in gray. In reality, this vanity will work with a variety of bathroom styles and black is always an easy color to pair with bathroom curtains. I could also envision this beautiful piece of furniture as a part of an modern black and white bathroom design idea. You can buy Victorian bathroom light fixtures and faucets for the basin to match this design. Dimensions are 32"W inches by 22"D x 36"H in which case you are able to buy this Antique Bathroom Vanity Single Sink Victorian from Amazon Marketplace at the price of $1,573. For something lighter you can choose the Windsor Antique Bathroom vanity in Antique White will bring your bathroom back to an old country home located in the countryside of England! This vanity is rectangular in shape with the top drawer, and a wide cupboard underneath. The cabinet is equipped with two doors and has a lot of storage room inside. The finish is distressed white, adding to the look and feel of this old-fashioned bathroom vanity. Windsor is the name used by the British royal family, and you could easily imagine that this vanity comes from the many of their country residences. It's all you need is a mirror that matches the bathroom as well as some light-colored antique bathroom light fixtures to complete the look. you can purchase these as well as other accessories that are in the same design. It's made from solid wood, and comes for purchase in Cognac, Dark Cherry, Light Cherry, White and Antique White with a choice of color for the top of the bathroom vanity. You can purchase this stunning old-fashioned bathroom vanities from Bathroom Accessories online for the price of $959 reduced starting at $1,370. These bathroom vanity units are all unique and could serve as the basis for your ideas for bathroom remodeling. The above units come with the option of mirrors that are matched to the bathroom's wall and basin taps for the bathroom or you can find your own choice of taps on the numerous discount bathroom faucet sites online. For matching bathroom shower curtains you could choose one of these Fine Art themed curtains that are trendy at the moment. If you're looking for additional bathroom design ideas do some browsing online and you'll find an array of choices!

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