Nourishing the Balance of the Universe
On the other hand what are we microbes to think that we could be a significant influence on something as massive and unintelligible as the Universe-in which we are so small as to be meaningless and which could disappear off the Earth in the same way snakes shed their skin? However, as aspects of the Infinite Ineffable Intelligence, our ultimate destiny lies in recognizing our Oneness: understanding that there is no 'other' and that for whatever we do for or to another , we're doing it for or with our own self. Then, in the same way , the entirety of Nature fulfils its role perfectly - predator and prey, balancing their populations Bees and birds pollinating and reproducing; flowers and fruits reproducing and nourishing as well as drought and flood fire cycling through the seasons-so also humans can fulfill their Dharma. Even though one might argue that Dharma can never be denied or not fulfilled, in the present moment of our history, the urgency and desire for greater harmony can't be denied. For more detail please visit:- eco-friendly phone case okinawa flat belly tonic review The undertaking is clear-there is no more time to indulge in self-indulgence. Being aware that harmony cannot be imposed from without it must be manifested from within, it then falls to each one of us to ignite every cell in the body of humanity by cultivating Consciousness as well as embodying Love. For all the efforts towards equality and sustainability, however well motivated or intentioned, will not succeed if greed remains the predominant factor on this planet. The power of greed cannot be defeated until the awareness of Oneness reaches critical mass. Then, this is our duty: to comprehend and promote the importance of shedding the mistaken identities that allowed the powers-that-be to conquer and divide and to promote the understanding that the suffering of any individual is shared by everyone; and to build a global movement and proclaim our oneness throughout the world. We can then nourish our Balance of the Universe by creating Harmony on our planet. Harmony that comes only from the realization that we are One and there's Enough.'

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