5 Examples Of Trying To Get People To Believe What They See!
If a person, or, any, public official suggests or tells people, to forget, or forget, what they have seen in their own eyes or heard with their ears and instead, just trust, and believe the information he gives them! Over the past few years, on a number of occasions, our elected officials, have adopted this approach using lies, and resorting to blaming and complaining, rather than providing solutions! Time after evidence, time after time, after - the - fact, clearly, indicates, this behavior, etc! Do not believe in the facts, and blindly, trust, and believe themand their interpretation of reality, instead! With that in mind, this piece will attempt tobrief look at, analyze reviews, analyze, and talk about five instances of this, and the reasons, we need to be concerned and demand better. For more detail please visit:- https://mobilny-serwis-tir-niemcy.pl https://senxanhevent.vn/ https://andatphat.vn/ https://techgurum.com/ 1. The events of prior to the 6th of JanuaryAlthough the shocking incident, and actions of a few hundred passionate, staunch, and fervent supporters of the former President, appeared to believe in Trump's claims in which he claimed that the vote was rigged regardless of the fact that every recount, and court case, deemed that it was not true! In simple terms, no matter how much it was said (and continues to be) the so-called, big swoop occurred, but it was not and, in reality this year's Presidential election was likely one of the most honest and truthful ever! Recent revelations from the House Selective Committee, shows that during the time of the uprising, a number of people, such as Donald Trump Jr., Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham among others, texted, etc, to, then Chief of Staff Meadows, pleading, with him, to get the President, to openly, and publicly ask his supporters to calm down and cease their actions. It appears that that not only did he not, respond, immediately, but waited, over 5 hours before making any announcement! After - the - fact we've observed a sort of revisionist history where, all those individuals were able to come up with a variation or combination of blaming others, claiming that it was not violent, and Trump declared that if it wasn't for him, it would be a lot worse! 2. Pandemic falsehoods and theories:Instead of handling the horrible pandemic, on the recommendations, and guidance of health expertsand doctors, the former - President did not seem to see the connection between health risksand damage to the economy! The number of people who died and will die, because, instead of proactively, taking care of this issue from the beginning, Trump resorted to making false claims, and propagating non-proven theories instead of encouraging others, to follow the suggestions of experts! 3. Systemic RacismSome minorities claim that the way police treated them, was based upon the concept that they were referred to as driving while black! There have been several instances that clearly indicate that that the Courts, Police, and others, intentionally, or - not, proceed, with systemic racism! What did happen to. All human beings are created equaland, Equal protection of the law,etc? 4. 2017 Tax Reform:Although, President Trump as well as his Republic Party, elected officials have stated that the legislation was designed to help those in the middle class and substantially, lessen taxes, it appears it was made to, in the majority, support, and help, the richest Americans and have the highest number of corportations! However it is widely believed that it created, an unsustainable deficit of more than one trillion dollars. This can be seen as a resurgence of the additional debt, due to funding assistance, due to the pandemic. Many of the same people who supported the tax law now admit that the huge American deficit is blamed on the president Joe Biden, even, though, it largely, was the result of his leadership, the previous 4 years. 5. Shame and complain/ Ineffective promises and rhetoric (vitriol)/ No solutions After Charlottesville and the well observed and witnessed violent and racist actions of a small group, the President, famously, stated, There were good people on both sides. Every time, again, he articulated his message, which aided the hateful to feel entitled to their prejudices or beliefs. Whenwe are in need of someone, to try at healing our hurts, and to bring us all together in the interest of the greater good, in search of some kind of common ground - the - minds, he continuously was able to deliver a divisive opposing message. much of the horrible events, in terms of violence, and public health and safety must be placed squarely, onto his shoulder! Get up, America, because, If we don't insist on protecting all our Constitutional guarantees freedoms, rights and rights (instead of selectively) then we'll be unable to identify ourselves, and, perhaps, much of our democratic system! Are you willing to insist on a higher standard of morality, integrity and ideals from those, you vote for? Richard has owned companies, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development and consultant. He has also managed events, advised thousands of leaders, led personal development workshops, and worked on campaigning for political candidates for four decades. Rich has written three books as well as thousands of articles.

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