How To Make Money From Article Writing
I'm the first to admit that writing an article can be a very difficult process but it can become an extremely lucrative marketing technique if you're methodical in applying the right concepts. The purpose of writing an article is to aid others by sharing your expertise and knowledge you've gained as an individual. However, that information isn't going to be helpful or be valued if your article fails to gain any exposure. There are two primary factors that affect your article's exposure. The first is where you decide to submit your articles for online itechways publication. It is a great way to promote your articles to good website for article submissions like Ezine Articles, Articles Base and Go Articles, and Articles Hub. There are a lot of other options, but these four are the top in the industry. The second exposure factor is your choice and choice of keywords. When writing your essay, be sure you select two best keywords that you wish to have it listed for. With a tool for keyword research such as Keyword Spy Pro you can determine which keywords are high in demand (by global search results) however, they are not as popular in competition. Use the stronger of the two keywords based on the criteria above for your primary keyword. That is to it appears within 3-4 percent of your article. In other words, if your keyword is "making money online", it is likely to be used 3-4 times per 100 words of your text. While "making money online" is comprised of three words, it's considered to be a single keyword if it appears consistently throughout your piece with the same word order. Your secondary keyword should have a 2-3% density in your content. Also be sure to use at least two words in the title since it allows your post to be quickly found when other people type these words in their searches. The desire to rank higher on search engines for keywords may tempt you to increase their density but be advised that this could be considered spamming . This could cause your article to be placed at a low position in search engines, and then rejected when submitted to websites for articles. The secret to effective article writing is to be sure that the article is written for the readers first. Do not let your keywords hinder your efforts in writing a fluid informative and useful article, and thus earning money online. Insert your keywords in the way that makes sense for the readers. Once you've written for the people who read it, you can edit it and revise it for search engines. Keep in mind, writing first. then cash later.. When it comes to cash, once you have your perfectly written article in hand you can start to monetize it. First, you can write an article with the intention of using it solely on search engines. This allows you to put many links to the products and services from that you can earn commissions. For instance, if you use the following keywords 'buy weight loss pills' and reviews on weight loss, you could create an article comparing couple of weight loss products that you know about. If not, it might be a good idea to search for details or perhaps write about something you are familiar with. Thanks to the keywords above, if a user finds your article via a search you already know that they are seeking weight loss reviews with the intention of buying. They would be considered as a pre-sold customer. The only thing you have to do is convince them on the product you're presenting. You've probably already included in your article affiliate links to weight loss supplements the products you're advertising. Based off of your review's recommendations, the user is likely to click on the offer(s) you're advertising and when they purchase you'll receive a payment. If your article is well-written, they'll believe that your advertisement is a genuine recommendation, which it is which is why they will get the payment. Another method of making money from articles is to submit articles to websites like the ones we mentioned earlier. They have strict guidelines for what kind of self-promotion or links are permitted into the article(s), however the main benefit of submission sites is that they permit you to include the option of having a resource box where you can include links to your site or even promote an affiliate promotion. Be sure to follow the rules of the site for submissions and you'll start to realize that the rewards exceed the time and effort you put in. You can even see a higher payout if others begin to share your content on their websites. If this happens repeatedly, the back links and exposure to the website you included in the resource box are priceless. Article writing is a great way to earn money online. Unlike most other marketing strategies it's a cost-free method to promote yourself, your product, and earning sales. It also adds value as you're providing useful information to others. The final motivator as to why you should begin writing articles is the fact that when you publish an article , it is available permanently available on the internet. The more people view your article, the more sales you potentially achieve. You could be making sales today off an article you wrote ten years ago. So don't let the writing monster scare you because the cash superhero is following in its wake. If you're just beginning to learn about article marketing , I'd recommend starting with a form of coaching. There are experts in the field that can offer you some great guidance. These are the guidelines I've used to earn money online by writing articles. writing. Since I'm doing this, I'm certain you'll be able to learn the techniques to start making money online from your article. Tamba Joseph Foyah an online marketer and writer who uses his expertise in the field to teach others about the methods to make money online. Get his Free Video Series [] to see how you too can start making $100 per day online. Are you new to article marketing? Receive some expert coaching with Lisa Angelettie's Articology [] to learn the steps to building your six figure article portfolio by writing just one simple article a week.

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